Web conception and development to meet customer demands.

When I first began my ICT studies to work in the audiovisual field as a producer, a director of photography or as a director, I have not thought I might work in web development. Well, 2 years after my Bachelor's degree, I am really considering it as a position to explore somehow.

Web development.

The Fourth Wall

January - April 2021

Women rights to say no to harassment from any kind in any situation, that's what The Fourth Wall is all about.

By the end of the show, Sarah reaches her goal, breaking the artificial border which she faced against the viewers in the room. Being alive in front of them, she now has witnesses of what happened. In the meantime, viewers didn’t do anything to help her as most of them wouldn’t have done unfortunately in a real environnement. Women need to break the fourth wall to let the people know their suffering. Do not stay under the threat and manipulation. Let your voice be heard by breaking the wall.

The Experience Q4

Portfolio website

2019 version

Because we need to keep moving, to improve user's experience, I'm proud to introduce you to this new version of my website. One and a half month later, designed and developped, it's here and you're browsing on.


What do we eat?

Original title : Qu'est-ce qu'on mange ? - June 2018

We are all wondering this question. Therefore, we tried to bring an answer with this mobile app. With two friends, we made it as user-friendly as we could. Pierre Lefèvre and Saad Alami worked on designed and user's experience. My job was about writing SQL requests and data mining for both the user and the admin.

If you're eager to cook with only what you currently have in your fridge and cupboards, feel free to use it right there.


Puissance 3

March 2017

First year Bachelor's degree project lead by two friends and myself. We only used Javascript to carry it out. You will find the AI some kind of amazing because of its choice randomly done.

In case you want to give it a try, there you are !

Play it

PS : if you manage to end in a draw, feel free to send a message. For now, we have never achieved it.


Portfolio website

2016 version

First handmade website with my first two years Bachelor's degree skills. Now a long-standing website, it allowed me to begin with bigger projects you can discover below.

2016 version

More coming soon...

Antoine Laurent working on the software developpment - Line 1803